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C.B. Eldred: The Craft of Remembrance in Florence

C.B. Eldred - Florence, Alabama

Florence, Alabama, boasts a rich history, and a significant part of that story is etched in stone. Literally. C.B. Eldred, a skilled craftsman who worked in Florence from 1874 to 1910, played a key role in shaping this legacy through his marble and monument work.

L.C. Hudson headstone made by C.B. EldredEldred wasn't just your average stonecutter. His business on Court Street offered a remarkable variety – from elegant marble mantels and vases to enduring headstones and even intricate iron fencing. Imagine Florence's streetscape adorned with the beautiful products of his workshop!

Interestingly, Eldred participated in a bidding process to build the now infamous Florence Confederate Monument. While he didn't win the contract by a difference of a mere $50, this tells us that Eldred was a serious contender in the South, highly regarded for his skill. 

Soldier's Rest - Florence, AlabamaEven though he missed out on the grand monument, Eldred secured a different, yet significant, contract. He was chosen to create headstones for "Soldier's Rest," the Confederate section of the Florence City Cemetery. This commission showcased the community's trust in his craftsmanship to memorialize their fallen soldiers.

Today, when you visit Florence Cemetery, you might encounter some of Eldred's enduring creations like the headstone for famous local citizen and former mayor, Z.P. Morrison. These headstones stand as a testament to the quality and artistry he brought to his work.

C.B. Eldred's story teaches us that history is often found in the details – the craftsmanship, the choices a community makes, and the way we choose to remember the past. So next time you're in Florence, take a moment to appreciate the enduring legacy of C.B. Eldred, the man who helped etch Florence's history in marble and stroll the Florence City Cemetery.

Z.P. Morrison headstone made by C.B. Eldred
Z.P. Morrison's headstone. Created by C.B. Eldred.

C.B. Eldred signature etched in stone
Look closely throughout the Florence city cemetery, and you'll see C.B. Eldred's signature etched into many of the headstones there.

1894 letterhead from C.B. Eldred - Florence, Alabama
Copy of C.B. Eldred letterhead from 1894.