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Florence Milk Company


Shoals History is excited to partner with the Rebrand Florence Instagram project. Each company from Florence’s past that is rebranded through the Rebrand Florence project will have an associated post here on the Shoals History website. The first edition is the Florence Milling Company. Read more about what the Rebrand Florence project is doing. Some research and images are graciously  provided through a partnership with the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library‘s Local History department.

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About the Florence Milk Company

Florence Milk Company bottleIn the late Spring of 1926, a new creamery called the Florence Milk Company was established. Organized out of five separate dairies which were: Clear Creek Dairy Farms, Springdale Dairy, Sweetwater Dairy, Meadow Brook Dairy, and Young Bros. Dairy.

Before this merger, each individual dairy delivered milk to local people’s doorsteps independently. They each had their own clientele. The organization into the Florence Milk Company was a way to expand the local milk deliver business for each of this farms without having to expand their farms bigger than they could manage. The customers would get a higher quality product, and better customer service this way. Each individual dairy would still maintain their regular herd of cattle and continue to furnish a strict, quality product of Grade A raw milk. Instead of delivering their milk to homes, however, they began to sell their entire output of milk to the Florence Milk Company.

The Florence Milk Company’s creamery business was equipped with the most modern machinery that money could buy. They claimed themselves as the most modern creamery anywhere in the country. The plant, at the time, was the only one in the country that handled only Grade A Pasteurized raw milk and was under constant supervision of the United States Government.The Florence Milk Company’s plant averaged over 350 gallons of milk every day, but held a maximum capacity of 1,500 gallons daily. The Florence Milk Company also made and sold over a thousand pounds of butter per week.